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The Torpedoes ability is defined as any vehicle that can shoot torpedoes in LEGO Batman: The Videogame. There are four types of torpedoes, that only work on exclusive vehicles:

  • Robin Torpedoes, which are only shot from Robin's Watercraft in water vehicle missions.
  • Penguin Torpedoes, which are only shot from Penguin's Submarine in water vehicle missions.
  • Bat Torpedoes, which are only shot from Batwing in sky vehicle missions.
  • Fear Torpedoes, which are only shot from The Scarecrow's Biplane in sky vehicle missions.

List of TorpedoesEdit

Robin's Watercraft (Robin Torpedoes) | Penguin's Submarine (Penguin Torpedoes)
Batwing (Bat Torpedoes) | The Scarecrow's Biplane (Fear Torpedoes)

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