Order of the Phoenix
Order of the Phoenix
Symbol Y5
Based on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Game LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7
Universe Harry Potter
Starting Level Dark Times
Ending Level A Veiled Threat
Number of levels 6
How to unlock Start game

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is the first episode in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.



  1. Dark Times
  2. Dumbledore's Army
  3. Focus!
  4. Kreacher Discomfort
  5. A Giant Virtuoso
  6. A Veiled Threat


Differences from the filmEdit

  • Harry is seen reading a newspaper with pieces of Cedric in the Triwizard Cup
  • In the tunnel between Magnolia Crescent and it's Road and Little Whinging, Harry Potter has to defeat several Dementors instead of two, as in the book, film and video game.
  • During the Advance Guard's flight, Tonks loses control of her broom and the Advance Guard makes a crash landing.
  • Number 12 Grimmauld Place reveals itself by unfolding brick by brick.
  • At the beginning of the hearing, Fudge was just about to smash Harry's wand with his gavel just before Dumbledore arrives.
  • The Wizengamot members who voted Harry's innocence held up giant green hands, while Umbridge, who voted Harry's guiltyness, held up a giant red hand.
  • It was Sirius Black who wrote the list for Dumbledore's Army.
  • When Professor Umbridge caught the D.A. members carrying defensive books, she turned those books into her own theory books.
  • Kreacher caused a lot of trouble to Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
  • Cho Chang was the one to snitch on Dumbledore's Army. She did so in the film, but in the book it was her friend Marietta Edgecombe.
  • When Harry, Ron, first met Grawp, he asks, not to play a bike handle, but a trumpet, a rubber duck, and an accordian.
  • The Portable Swamp is included called as the "Swamp-in-The-Box". They can be activated by the Weasley family. It appeared in the book and video game, but omitted in the film.
  • Grawp throws Umbridge on the back of a centaur. In the book and film, the centaurs simply drag her away.
  • The prophecy shows Harry and Lord Voldemort fighting over a heart.
  • Out of all the Death Eaters who participated in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, only Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy appear uncloaked and unmasked. The rest of the participents, Mulciber, Nott, Jugson, Avery Jr, Crabbe, Walden Macnair, Augustus Rookwood and Bellatrix's husband Rodolphus Lestrange (along with his brother Rabastan) appear as generic Death Eaters, masked and in full outfits.
  • Like his film counterpart, Sirius Black is killed off by Bellatrix with Avada Kadavra before falling into the veil. In the book, the curse was not specified, but it was implied to be Stupefy in the video game.
  • As Sirius Black passes through the veil, Harry pulls his legs off. He comes back out of the veil to ask Lupin for his legs back, and then passes through it again. It is impossible for someone to come out of that veil.

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