Character Tokens are collectables in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 and LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7. When you collect them, a new character will be available to purchase.


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4Edit

Character Level
Harry (Maze Task) Hub
Professor Flitwick
Professor Snape
Mr. Ollivander The Magic Begins
Tom the Innkeeper
Madam Malkin Out of the Dungeon
Harry (Hogwarts)
Ron (Girl Disguise)
Harry (Girl Disguise) A Jinxed Broom
Marcus Flint
Fred (Quidditch)
Filch The Restricted Section
Neville (Pyjamas)
Harry (Pyjamas)
Draco Malfoy The Forbidden Forest
Ron (Cardigan) Face of the Enemy
Harry (Slytherin Disguise)
Professor Quirrel (Voldemort)
Harry (Sweater) Floo Powder!
Arthur Weasley
George Weasley
Madam Pomfrey Dobby's Plan
Draco (Quidditch)
Ron (Slytherin Disguise) Crabbe and Goyle
Gregory Goyle
Vincent Crabbe
Moaning Myrtle Tom Riddle's Diary
Professor Vector
Ron (Sweater) Follow the Spiders
Professor Sinistra
Lucius Malfoy
Wizard (Green) The Basilisk
Tom Riddle
Gilderoy Lockhart
Ernie Prang News from Azkaban
Trolley Witch
Stan Shunpike
Goyle (Sweater) Hogsmeade
Draco (Sweater)
Crabbe (Sweater)
Fred (Sweater) Mischief Managed
George (Sweater)
The Grey Lady
Peter Pettigrew The Shrieking Shack
Hermione (Red Hooded Top)
Witch (Grey)
Cornelius Fudge Dementor's Kiss
Professor Lupin
James Potter (Ghost) The Dark Tower
Sirius Black
Lily Potter (Ghost)
Ginny (Hooded Top) The Quidditch World Cup
Barty Crouch Junior
Death Eater
Dragon Handler Dragons
Durmstrang Student
Cedric (Sweater)
Cedric (Dragon Task) The First Task
Harry (Dragon Task)
Fleur (Dragon Task)
Cedric Diggory Secret of the Egg
Moaning Myrtle (Swimsuit)
Fleur (Lake Task)
Krum Shark The Black Lake
Harry (Lake Task)
Fleur (Maze Task) The Dark Lord Returns
Viktor (Lake Task)
Cedric (Maze Task)
Lord Voldemort Harry's Destiny

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7Edit

Character Level
Elphias Doge Dark Times
Arthur (Suit)
Dudley (Grey Top)
Cho (Winter) Dumbledore's Army
Hermione (Scarf)
Neville (Winter)
Snape (Underwear) Focus!
Molly (Apron)
Dudley's Gang Member
Arthur Weasley Kreacher Discomforts
Sirius Black
Neville Longbottom A Giant Virtuoso
Professor Umbridge
Emmeline Vance
Fudge (Wizengamot) A Veiled Threat
Hermione (Jumper)
Lucius (Death Eater)
Slughorn (Pyjamas) Out of Retirement
Milk Man
Dumbledore (Cursed)
Cormac (Suit) Just Desserts
Madam Rosmerta
Harry (Christmas)
Bill Weasley (Wedding) A Not So Merry Christmas
Molly Weasley
Tonks (Pink Coat)
Draco (Suit) Love Hurts
Ginny Weasley
Professor Slughorn
Professor Sprout Felix Felicis
Hagrid (Wedding) The Horcrux and the Hand
Professor Dumbledore
Tom Riddle (Orphanage)
Mad-Eye Moody The Seven Harrys
Hermione (Red Dress)
Ron (Wedding)
Harry (Albert Runcorn) Magic is Might
Hermione (Mafilda)
Ron (Reg Cattermole)
Bathilda (Snake) In Grave Danger
Harry (Godric's Hollow)
Lily Potter
Hermione (Grey Coat) Sword and Locket
Ron (Underwear)
Harry (Locket)
Skeleton Lovegood's Lunacy
Xenophilius (Luna)
Luna (Purple Coat)
Ollivander DOBBY!
Griphook The Thief's Downfall
Hermione (Gringotts)
Alecto Carrow Back to School
Amycus Carrow
Aberforth Dumbledore
Seamus Finnigan Burning Bridges
Neville (Cardigan)
The Grey Lady
Gregory Goyle Fiendfyre Frenzy
Harry (Brown Jacket)
Tom Riddle
Professor Snape Snape's Tears
Death Eater
Fenrir Greyback
Bellatrix Lestrange The Flaw in the Plan
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Lord Voldemort

LEGO City UndercoverEdit

Character Level
Some Assaults Conrad Peters (Civilian)
Snakes Squealer (Robber)
Trouble in Stir Prisoner (Robber)
Blue Whittaker (Robber)
Miner Altercation Ross Wilding (Civilian)
Spikey Don (Robber)
Kung Fool Barry Smith (Civilian)
Karate Master (Civilian)
Dirty Work Intergalactic Girl (Civilian)
Bank Manager (Civilian)
Astronaughty Space Villain (Astronaut)
Space Scientist (Astronaut)
Scrapyard Scrap Chase Suit (Police)
Studski (Police)
The Colossal Fossil Hustle Mummy (Civilian)
Caveman (Civilian)
Hot Property Ramon Lopez-Delgado (Civilian)
Charlotte Hannon (Fireman)
Smash 'n' Grab Moe De Luca (Robber)
Forrest Blackwell Tuxedo (Robber)
They All Scream for Ice Cream Jimmy Grossman (Robber)
Vinnie Pappalardo (Robber)
High Steal Construction Foreman (Construction)
Patrick Wenham (Construction)
Disruptive Behavior Henrik Kowalski (Civilian)
Submarine Captain (Civilian)
Breaking and Reentering Forrest Blackwell Casual (Robber)
Sentinel Decker (Robber)
Fly Me to the Moon Ben Sharples (Astronaut)
Rex Fury (Robber)

LEGO Marvel Super HeroesEdit

Nuff Said Ms. Marvel
House Party Protocol Iron Man (Heartbreaker)
Tabloid Tidy Up Doctor Octopus (Ultimate)
A Shock Withdrawal Moon Knight
Feeling Fisky Kingpin Henchman
Put Up Your Dukes Wolverine (Cowl)
Stunt Show Surprise Mandarin (film)
Reptillian Ruckus Thing (F.F.)
Stranger Danger Invisible Woman (F.F.)
The Thrill of Chess Green Goblin (Ultimate)
Bro-tunheim Thor (Classic)

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond GothamEdit

Pursuers in the Sewers Croc Henchman
Black Manta
Breaking BATS! Man-Bat
Red Hood
Space suits you, Sir! Hawkgirl
Miss Martian
Space Station Infestation John Stewart
Green Arrow
Reverse Flash
The Big Grapple Beast Boy
The Atom
The Lantern Menace Brainiac Minion
Doctor Fate
Europe Against It Cheshire
Manchester Black
Big Trouble in Little Gotham Deathstroke
Mad Hatter
Power of Love Parasite
Zamaron Warrior
A Blue Hope Blue Beetle
Captain Cold
Reach Warrior
Jailhouse Nok Indigo Tribe Warrior
Black Hand
All the Rage Bleez
Red Lantern Warrior
Need for Greed Kilowog
Orange Construct Warrior
Aw-Qward Situation Arkillo
Sinestro Corps Warrior
Breaking the Ice Superman (Solar Suit)
Composite Superman
Cyborg Superman
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel Catwoman (1966)
The Penguin (1966)
The Riddler (1966)

LEGO Marvel's AvengersEdit

Struck Off the List Crossbones(Classic)
Captain Universe
A Loki Entrance Absorbing Man
S.H.I.E.L.D. Scientist
Rail Hydra
Shakespeare in the Park
Helicarrier Havoc Red Hulk
Hawkeye (Classic)
Avengers Assemble
Earth's Mightiest
Ready, A.I.M., Fire
Lost in the Aether Hogun
Lack of Insight
No Strings on Me
Anger Management
Korea Prospects
Rise of Ultron
Ultron Undone

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