The Character-Specific Ability ability is defined as anyone who who has an ability exclusive to themselves. The list is as follows:

  • Freeze, the ability Mr. Freeze has. Mr. Freeze can freeze objects with his freeze ray.
  • Super-Growth, the ability Poison Ivy has. Poison Ivy can use super-growth to make objects grow rapidly.
  • Tech Panels, although Robin and Nightwing can use the Technology Suit, without suits, the Scientist is the only person who can use these Tech Panels.
  • Power Generators, the ability The Joker has. The Joker can use his electric buzzer to power rotating generators.
  • Penguin Bombs, the ability The Penguin has. The Penguin can use these moving bombs to go through purple chutes and also blow up shiny objects.

List of Character-Specific AbilityEdit

Characters with abilities exclusive to themselves
Scientist | The Joker | The Penguin | Mr. Freeze | Poison Ivy

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