Bosses are defined as the characters that appear as strong enemies with multiple health points with unique abilities that must be defeated to progress in the all three modes of Normal Levels.

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List of Bosses by LevelEdit

Normal BossesEdit

These bosses have their HP displayed on the upper center of the screen.

Level Boss Hearts
Darth Maul Darth Maul 3
Bounty Hunter Pursuit Zam's Airspeeder 10
Discovery on Kamino Jango Fett 10
Jedi Battle Jango Fett 10
Count Dooku Count Dooku 10
Chancellor in Peril Count Dooku 6
General Grievous General Grievous 10
Darth Vader Anakin Skywalker (Jedi) or Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode III) 10
Mos Eisley Spaceport Imperial Spy 4
Dagobah Darth Vader (Illusion) 8
Cloud City Trap Darth Vader 9
Betrayal over Bespin Boba Fett 5
Jabba's Palace Rancor 3
The Great Pit of Carkoon Boba Fett 4
Jedi Destiny The Emperor 18
Into the Mountains Major Toht 4
Sherpa Gunner 4
Major Toht 3
The Well of Souls Giant Snake 5
Pursuing the Ark Enemy Boxer 3
Opening the Ark Belloq (Robes) 5
The Temple of Kali Chatter Lal (Thuggee) 6
Free the Slaves Thuggee Slave Driver 5
Battle on the Bridge Mola Ram 5
The Hunt for Sir Richard Kazim 6
Castle Rescue Enemy Radio Operator 6
Trouble in the Sky Colonel Vogel 6
Desert Ambush Hatay Tank 3
Colonel Vogel (Tank) 9
You Can Bank on Batman Clayface 6
An Icy Reception Mr. Freeze 6
Two-Face Chase Two-Face's Armored Truck 3
A Poisonous Appointment Poison Ivy 4
The Face-Off Two-Face 10
The Riddler 9
There She Goes Again Catwoman 10
Batboat Battle Penguin's Submarine 6
Under the City Killer Croc 14
Zoo's Company Man-Bat 9
Penguin's Lair The Penguin 10
Stealing the Show Police Helicopter 3
Joker's Home Turf Mad Hatter 7
Little Fun at the Big Top Harley Quinn 6
Flight of the Bat Scarecrow's Biplane 3
In the Dark Night Killer Moth 6
To the Top of the Tower Harley Quinn 3
The Joker 11
The Joker's Helicopter 5
A Surprise for the Commissioner Commissioner Gordon 9
Biplane Blast Police Battle Helicopter 6
Hangar Havoc Dovchenko (US Disguise) 3
Tomb Doom Cemetary Warrior King 10
Mac Attack Mac 8
Rainforest Rumble Jungle Cutter 5
Dovchenko Duel Dovchenko 4
Temple Tangle Ugha King 3
Raven Rescue Major Toht 3
After the Ark Belloq's car 5
Lao Chase Lao Che's car 5
Temple Tantrum Maharajah (Thuggee) 1
Coronado Caper Panama Hat Man 3
Cannon Canyon Hatay Tank 5
Trial & Terror Donovan (Grail) 3
Out of the Dungeon Troll 3
Face of the Enemy Professor Quirrell (Voldemort) 3
Dobby's Plan Dobby 5
Tom Riddle's Diary Moaning Myrtle 4
Follow the Spiders Aragog 3
The Basilisk Basilisk 5
News from Azkaban The Monster Book of Monsters 3
Hogsmeade Draco (Sweater) 4
The Shrieking Shack The Whomping Willow 3
The Dark Tower Dementor (Boss) 3
The Dark Lord Returns Lord Voldemort 3
Port Royal Captain Jack Sparrow 5
The Black Pearl Attacks Jack the Monkey 4
Isla De Muerta Captain Barbossa 6
Isla Cruces Giant Crab 2
Jack Sparrow (Waistcoat) 4
The Kraken Kraken 8
The Maelstrom Bootstrap Bill Turner 4
Davy Jones 6
London Town Angelica (Disguised) 4
A Spanish Legacy The Spaniard 5
The Fountain of Youth Blackbeard 4
A Veiled Threat Lord Voldemort 8
Magic is Might Professor Umbridge 3
DOBBY! Bellatrix Lestrange 3
Back to School Professor Snape 3
The Flaw in the Plan Bellatrix Lestrange 3
Lord Voldemort 4
Theatrical Pursuits Harley Quinn 3
The Riddler 3
Two-Face 4
The Joker 4
Harbouring a Criminal The Joker's Speedboat 4
The Joker 3
Arkham Assignment Scarecrow 9
Unwelcome Guests The Joker/Lex Luthor 4
Research and Development Evil Receptionist 3
Prologue Sauron (big) 3
Amon Hen Lurtz 3
Taming Gollum Gollum 3
Warg Attack King Théoden (Cursed) 3
Mount Doom Gollum 5

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